Future Leaders

Talent strategies to cultivate next generation leaders based on in-depth research about the journeys of young, successful advisors.

What are the keys to growing and retaining future leaders?

In a first-of-its-kind study1, Fidelity spoke at length with more than 30 young, successful advisors to understand the journeys they have taken in their careers and the ways that firms can contribute to their development.
We uncovered three important phases in cultivating advisor talent, and specific steps that firms can take to help these advisors successfully navigate their careers and have a lasting impact on their businesses.

    Help Young Advisors Get Established.

    Provide the support and tools necessary for success through mentoring, training, and teamwork.

    Identify High Performers in whom to Invest.

    Evaluate and select the advisors that have the traits and behaviors required to become future leaders.

    Enable Top Talent to Excel.

    Understand advisor goals, and take steps to accelerate their success and mitigate obstacles in their paths.

Podcasts: Insights on Developing and Retaining Future Leaders

An Interview with Steph Curtis, advisor at Wescott Financial Advisory Group

Listen to Steph Curtis, an advisor at Wescott Financial Advisory Group, discuss her journey to the top and provide insights for developing talent.


An Interview with Lisa Brown, advisor at Brightworth

Lisa Brown, an advisor at Brightworth, shares what contributed to her success and how firms can cultivate talent.


An Interview with Toby Meisenheimer, advisor at Streamline Financial Services

This interview with Toby Meisenheimer, Streamline Financial Services, details his path to becoming a successful advisor and shares thoughts on developing young advisors.


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