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Wondering about making a move? We can support you when you first start exploring independence and every step along the way, to help you turn your vision and unique needs into reality. Ready to get started?

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The benefits of going independent

Want more control over how you can best support your clients, or thinking about how you can better attract and retain new ones? Becoming an independent advisor may help you achieve these goals, and a lot more.

Greater flexibility

Becoming independent can help you build a practice that's directly aligned to your clients' needs. More choice in areas like investment products, technology, and the right platform (to name just a few) means you can help accelerate clients' progress toward their objectives.

More autonomy

Create a practice that gives you more leeway in making the best decisions for you and your clients. Choose the products and processes that target client needs, and build your own brand that's matched to these priorities as well as your own goals.

Potential for higher growth

Independence makes it possible to provide the emerging solutions today's investors are asking for. So no matter the business model you choose, you may see a potential for higher income and the value you can offer clients.

Explore your options for independence

If you're considering a move to independence, a variety of paths can get you there. With your goals for your business and your life as your compass, we can help you design a journey and destination that's right for you.

Discover the options

Start an RIA

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Forming your own registered investment advisor (RIA) firm can allow you to take control of your future, keep more of what you earn, and offer more flexibility in helping clients reach their financial goals.

Realize your vision

From the start, confidential support you can count on

Exploring your options and becoming independent doesn't mean you have to go it alone. Fidelity's team of experienced consultants—business development, practice management, technology, investments, and more—offer confidential guidance each step of the way.

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We help financial advisors bring their vision of independence to life

Hear more about going independent directly from one of our clients: their catalyst for seeking independence, the exploration process, and how Fidelity consultants and their support at every step helped make for a successful move.

Day one was super exciting. We were able to walk into the new office...and everything was up and running. Fidelity was there with us...working and getting things set's like (they) know what I need before I do.*

– Terry Cook, CEO, Parcion Private Wealth

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Fidelity solutions to help you explore becoming an independent RIA

Whichever business model you choose, we offer the platforms, investment products, and consulting services you need to help you achieve your goals.

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