Technology & Operations

Enhance your client experience and drive operational efficiency by harnessing technology effectively.

Technology can help you transform your business

Technology is not just about creating efficiency and streamlining back-office operations — it's a critical tool in delivering a better client experience. The need to harness technology effectively grows even more important as new entrants provide automated investment management and enhanced online experiences to investors.

Use technology to help increase collaboration and create a user-friendly client experience

A closer look

Strategy and innovation

A Fidelity study identified a strong connection between the use of technology and advisor success metrics. In fact, eAdvisors — those who engage in more technology activities than their peers — had almost 40% more AUM.

Operations and workflows

By enhancing operational efficiencies and the client and employee experience, workflows are helping advisors drive growth and profitability.

User experience

75% of Gen-Y investors expect technology to be a part of how their financial activities are managed. An enriched user experience incorporating online dashboards, collaboration tools, data aggregation software, and other features can help you grow your business.

Technology solutions

Today's leading firms are taking part in a smart, agile approach to technology, using it to optimize production and efficiency, deepen client engagement, and improve client communication.

Architecture and integration

A typical advisory firm uses six different types of software,1 which underscores the importance of integration to improve the flow of information among numerous applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM) and financial planning systems.


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