Fidelity Institutional®
Advisory Solutions

Fidelity Institutional's end-to-end investment management solutions can help meet your firm's enterprise needs and help your financial advisors and representatives serve more investors.

Fidelity Managed Account Xchange® (FMAX)

A comprehensive wealth management platform sponsored by Fidelity Institutional Wealth Adviser LLC, a registered investment adviser — combining access to Fidelity and other 3rd party investment managers, industry leading planning tools and technologies with Fidelity-led service and support into a simplified wealth advisory experience.

Fidelity Portfolio Quick Check®

Analyze, compare, and optimize your investment strategy in minutes with an on-demand portfolio construction tool designed to give you quick, actionable insights to help improve your portfolio.

Advanced Modeling & Rebalancing

Support your firm's distinct investment strategies with a flexible portfolio construction and management tool.

Separate Account Network

Gain access to institutional investment managers who provide active portfolio management design to help meet their firms' needs, including greater tax* efficiency and control over their investments.

Benefits of Fidelity Institutional® Advisory Solutions

  • Flexible and modular
  • Efficient investment management support
  • Integrated with Wealthscape

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