Develop a strong organization through recruiting and cultivating the right talent.

Create a solid foundation to help drive growth

Your people are your most valuable asset and, in the end, they'll help determine your success. Making smart hires and taking steps to adequately develop and motivate staff members have become a priority. This is especially important given the estimated shortfall of 10,000 advisors by 2020,* as older advisors retire and fewer young people enter the profession.

Evaluate your organizational needs and identify the types of skills required for the long term.

A closer look

Workforce planning

It's critical that advisors take the time to make the best employment decisions. Learn how to identify potential candidates and take appropriate steps to ensure that expectations are set about the firm's culture, work environment, and career opportunities.

Training and development

Talented people are looking for a career — they want to learn skills, gain experience, and be in a position to take on additional responsibilities over time. By mentoring and engaging them with regular development plans and reviews, employees may remain happy and engaged.


Compensation is not just how much you should pay someone — it's part of an overall business strategy that may improve employee performance and ultimately results.


can create opportunity

See what Fidelity's research has uncovered about diversity and inclusion in the wealth management industry.

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