Health Savings Account

Offer more value to your clients—and help grow your business—with the Fidelity Health Savings Account (HSA)

Paying for healthcare is the #1 financial concern among investors, including millionaires.


% of millionaires who have worries in each
category of well-being

The HSA lets you help your individual clients manage today's health care expenses and plan, save, and invest for current and future health care needs.

It's an open architecture brokerage account with easy setup and ongoing management, and includes:

  • The ability to fund and transfer assets
  • Trading, reporting, correspondence, and service features
  • Cash management features, a debit card, checkwriting, and billpay
The HSA opportunity for broker-dealers and advisors
  • Helps to further diversify your business
  • Potentially increases your revenue and assets under management
  • Provides more value to your clients, deepens client relationships, and improves client retention
  • Supports small-business clients
  • Offers the option to have assets professionally managed
  • $10B in investable assets available1

$10B in investable assets available1


As of mid-2018, total HSA assets surpassed $51B, $10B of which is considered investable (i.e., not in a checking account) and is growing at a faster rate than total HSA assets.

The HSA benefits for your clients

Triple tax advantage

  • Pretax contributions
  • Tax-free qualified withdrawals
  • Tax-deferred earnings

It's the individual investor's money—and it stays with them

  • Completely portable for individual investors—Even if they move, change employers, or change health plans, their HSA stays with them.
  • No "use it or lose it"—The account belongs to the individual and does not need to be used each year.

Flexibility and choice

  • Use it now—Easy access for current qualified medical expenses
  • Save and invest for later—Provides the option to invest some or all of their HSA money for potential growth as a way to prepare for health care costs in retirement
  • Option for professional management of assets

Cash management capabilities

  • HSA-specific debit card provided to registered account owner for all accounts
  • Checkwriting
  • Electronic billpay
Maximum Contribution for 2020 $1,000 catch-up contributionfor people 55 and older EligibilityMust be covered by ahigh-deductible health plan (HDHP)Not enrolled in Medicare and not a dependent on another person's tax return individual$3,550 family$7,100

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