Fidelity Bond BeaconSM

Bringing together the trading technology and investment experience from across Fidelity to deliver an institutional-grade bond solution

A Simple Way to Navigate and Manage Your Bond Needs

Fidelity Bond BeaconSM helps guide better outcomes by supporting intermediary bond trading and bond management from start to finish with seamless integration in WealthscapeSM, enhanced portfolio management tools, and institutional-grade liquidity.

  • Access to more bond offerings and market depth
  • Integrated client holdings to help advisors stay on top of their entire book of bond business
  • Seamless workflow including portfolio construction, execution, pre- and post-trade monitoring, and client reporting
  • Risk modeling and conditional market scenarios, informed by Fidelity research and supported by machine learning

Easy Access to Advanced Functionality

  • Search live markets, manage orders, and access advanced portfolio construction and portfolio management capabilities
  • Holdings for upcoming redemptions, ratings changes, and other important information
  • View current yield table and yield curves from live offerings, sorted by product type and maturity.
  • Order status and request for quote (RFQ) activity

Advanced Portfolio Construction and Management

  • Customized institutional-grade portfolio construction with pre-trade analytics that incorporate live market offerings
  • Enhanced risk management solutions to support self-directed portfolio construction and management
  • Scenario-based tail-risk-sensitive analysis provided by proprietary modeling informed by Fidelity research
  • Easily execute on an entire portfolio at once
  • Create customized reports using live market offerings
A Fidelity Approach to Providing Advanced Risk Analytics for Investors

A Fidelity Approach to Providing Advanced Risk Analytics for Investors

New technology and innovative analytical techniques may help investors deepen their understanding of investment risk management as part of portfolio construction processes.

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