Fidelity Bond Beacon®

Bringing together the trading technology and investment experience from across Fidelity to deliver an institutional-grade bond solution

Get the most out of Fidelity Bond Beacon®

See how firms and advisors can aggregate all their fixed income needs in one simple platform via WealthscapeSM.

A Simple Way to Navigate and Manage Your Bond Needs

Fidelity Bond Beacon® helps guide better outcomes by supporting intermediary bond trading and bond management from start to finish with seamless integration in WealthscapeSM, enhanced portfolio management tools, and institutional-grade liquidity.

  • Access to more bond offerings and market depth
  • Integrated client holdings to help advisors stay on top of their entire book of bond business
  • Seamless workflow including portfolio construction, execution, pre- and post-trade monitoring, and client reporting
  • Risk modeling and conditional market scenarios, informed by Fidelity research and supported by machine learning

Easy Access to Advanced Functionality

  • Search live markets, manage orders, and access advanced portfolio construction and portfolio management capabilities
  • Holdings for upcoming redemptions, ratings changes, and other important information
  • View current yield table and yield curves from live offerings, sorted by product type and maturity.
  • Order status and request for quote (RFQ) activity

Advanced Portfolio Construction and Management

  • Customized institutional-grade portfolio construction with pre-trade analytics that incorporate live market offerings
  • Enhanced risk management solutions to support self-directed portfolio construction and management
  • Scenario-based tail-risk-sensitive analysis provided by proprietary modeling informed by Fidelity research
  • Easily execute on an entire portfolio at once
  • Create customized reports using live market offerings

2021 Industry Award Winner

Fidelity Bond Beacon® has been named the winner of a Industry Award in the Asset Management — Fixed Income category. The Industry Awards honor outstanding innovation and achievements by organizations serving the financial advisor community.


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