An open brokerage platform for all your clearing and custody needs, WealthscapeSM can be customized or leveraged as a single solution to help you scale your business for the future.



Wealthscape is a web-based execution platform designed to help registered investment advisors, broker-dealers, banks, and family offices digitize their businesses.


Our open platform is distinctly configurable, allowing you to deeply integrate with Wealthscape through a wide range of direct and third-party integrations—all accessible in one digital store.


Our technology consulting team can help you navigate the industry's complex digital landscape to design the right ecosystem for your business.


Industry-leading security protocols are the backbone of our platform, and we hold all of our integrated third-party providers to the same standard through rigorous vetting.

Designed to Drive Transparency, Efficiency, and Growth

Wealthscape addresses the needs of home offices, advisors, and investors helping to create a more seamless and comprehensive experience.

Home Office Professionals Want: Wealthscape Benefits:
  • A best-in-class value proposition for advisors
  • Growth with scale
  • Help managing regulatory and compliance risk

Home offices can attract more advisors and run more efficiently

  • Automates work processes and operations
  • Integrates with most leading third-party software
  • Puts business intelligence at home offices' fingertips
Advisors Want: Wealthscape Benefits:
  • Serve investors more efficiently
  • To show value
  • To stay connected to changing investor needs

    Advisors and Financial Representatives can spend more time building relationships

  • Automates functionality that links back to investor goals
  • Aggregates data to improve planning, advice, and portfolios
  • Increases productivity
Investors Want: Wealthscape Benefits:
  • To reach their financial goals
  • A closer relationship with their advisors
  • On-demand access to to their picture

    Investors get more engaged with their finances

  • Aligns all functionality and reporting with financial goals
  • Facilitates high-touch yet efficient investor-advisor communication
  • Provides on-demand access

Wealthscape Investor Toolkit

Get resources to communicate the benefits of Welathscape Investor to your clients.

Key Platform Enhancements

Driven by the voice of the customer, we're continually evolving the platform to help meet clients' changing needs.

  • Evolving the Client Experience
    Simplified, personalized design with modular, configurable solutions
  • Enhanced Integrations
    Choice and flexibility through robust integrations
  • Innovation & Collaboration
  • Operational Excellence
    Helping clients simplify their operations
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Explore more flexible platform solutions with Integration Xchange

Build a better technology experience with access to hundreds of integrations to help you drive efficiency and differentiate your business.

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