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Many financial advisors are skeptical about serving young investors because they don't think they can afford financial advice or be served profitably in the short term. However, a dearth of young clients may impact the value of your firm today, and the long-term sustainability of your business.

Ignoring Young Investors Could Put Your Firm's Longevity at Risk

Baby Boomer and Silent Generation+ Representof households+87%95%of revenue for a typical firm

Meeting the Moment: How Smart Advisors Are Winning Young Investors

  • Highlighting methods advisors are using to attract and engage Gen Y and Gen Z investors
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Young investors will soon represent a preponderance of the population and wealth

Gen Y and Gen Z now represent 47% of the U.S. population (U.S. Census Bureau, 2021),1 but only 14% of advisory clients.2
They already inherit an estimated $541B each year (30% of the wealth transferred annually today).3

Many young investors are pro-advice
63% of Gen Y/Z66% of Gen Y/Z74% of 30–39 year olds66%74%63%56%19%50%56% of Baby Boomers+19% of Baby Boomers+50%of 70+ year olds believe a professionalfinancial advisor is important to achievefinancial and/or investment success4compared to  want to consolidate moreassets with primary financial advisor4compared to  are willingto pay for advice5compared to 
Millennial and Gen Z clients can be an engine of growth

Contrary to the beliefs of many advisors, young investors can be attractive and profitable clients, especially over time. They value and are willing to pay for the advice of professionals, are motivated to improve their finances, prefer to consolidate assets with a primary advisor, and are loyal clients. They also are at ages when they first start to establish a financial advice relationship.


Gen Y and Gen Z are redefining the advice model

Millennials and Gen Zers are leaning into their finances and redefining what is valued in an advice relationship. They engage with their money, seek whole-life advice, value an accountability partner, want to achieve financial freedom and gain access to new investments. They don't necessarily want or need the more traditional advice model that many Baby Boomers prefer.


85% of Gen Y and Gen Z would like some form of behavioral coaching from their advisors to keep them from making mistakes, procrastinating, or making rash decisions.4


75% of Gen YZ say: “I plan to save as much as possible now so I can become financially independent as early as possible and focus on what I really want to do in life” versus 57% of Baby Boomer+ (who are not retired).4


78% of Millennials say they are “always looking for new investment ideas.”6

Start winning their business

The opportunity for advisors is to get educated now and begin making strategic adjustments to serve the next generation well and profitably. As is the case with long-term investing, the key is starting early to reap the benefits over time.

Will you be the advisor they turn to?

To get started, consider this three-step framework: foundation, evolution, and innovation.


It's Time to Change Your Mind about Young Investors

  • The Why: The ways that Gen Y & Gen Z can help grow your firm
  • The Who: The insights that can make you indispensable to them
  • The How: The steps you can take to start winning their business
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