Fidelity Portfolio Quick Check®

Analyze, compare and optimize your investment strategy in minutes

Build stronger portfolios with our digital diagnostic tool

Fidelity Portfolio Quick Check is an on-demand portfolio construction tool designed to give you quick, actionable insights to help improve your portfolio.

An on-demand digital portfolio construction tool.

Analyze your investment strategy and showcase its impact

Quick Portfolio Diagnostics

Quick Portfolio Diagnostics

Understand your portfolio's style and sector exposures, correlations among funds, and various risk and return measures.

Tailored & Actionable Insights

Tailored & Actionable Insights

Discover opportunities to improve your portfolio through analytics paired with Fidelity's thought leadership and proprietary insights.

Customizable Reports & Rich Analytics

Customizable Reports & Rich Analytics

Demonstrate the difference your investment strategy makes with customizable reports featuring engaging analytics and charts that you can access at any time.

Simple and seamless portfolio reviews

Start reviewing your portfolios in three easy steps — now available on the WealthscapeSM platform.


Upload Your Portfolio

Quickly add actual or hypothetical portfolios


Choose Your Benchmark

Choose the model portfolio you want to compare against


Get Instant Insights

Access and save a custom report diagnosing opportunities to improve your portfolio


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