Wealth Advisory Institute

Tools and actionable insights to help get you closer to becoming a holistic wealth manager

With client trends pointing to a desire for more than traditional money management, many advisors are taking a hard look at their value propositions. Shifting your mindset away from investment guidance and toward holistic planning can help you meet the changing demands of today's clients and remain competitive.

Featuring workshops and actionable insights from Fidelity and other leading asset managers, this learning series is designed to help you reprioritize your services in line with what we believe investors value most in an advisor—empowering you to better serve your clients and optimize your practice for growth.

Module 1: Transition to a Fee-Based Model

Making a change could offer you more predictable income and paths for growth over the long term.

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Module 2: Integrate Financial Planning

Moving beyond money management can provide you with a deeper understanding of your clients and their needs.

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Module 3: Evolve Your Investment Footprint

Adding a managed solution to your investment model can align your services more closely with the needs of today's investors.

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Module 4: Optimize Your Business

Delivering a distinct client experience in all aspects of your business allows you to separate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

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Module 5: Become a Holistic Wealth Manager

Preparing clients for what lies ahead can secure your role as their trusted advisor and help give them peace of mind.

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