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Don't let the fear of short-term profitability overshadow the long-term value of engaging younger investors.

Select the right younger investors to increase profitability:

Not all young investors are the same. Fidelity analysis shows that an individual's savings rate and service level are the two biggest factors in helping to determine the long-term value a client may bring to your firm—and sometimes clients with higher assets or income levels aren't the most valuable to your business over time.

Use the Lifetime Value Calculator to understand how potential behaviors can help you determine when a potential client, of any age, may deliver a positive return on investment.

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Please enter your age between 18 and 99 numbers only
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Client Lifetime Value Summary

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The internal rate of return (IRR) is calculated by solving the NPV formula for the discount rate required to make NPV equal zero. This method can be used to compare projects of different time spans on the basis of their projected return rates.


Meeting the Needs of Young Investors

Assess Your Firm's Alignment to Younger Investors' Priorities.

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