Digital Assets Educational Resources

Resources to help you understand the reality and potential of cryptocurrencies

Interest in Digital Assets is Growing.

With interest in digital assets likely to continue growing—and the whole area rapidly evolving—advisory and wealth management firms may benefit from building familiarity with this innovative financial instrument. In particular, advisors may want to have an informed view of the past, present, and potential future of the overall digital assets ecosystem.

Fidelity Digital AssetsSM 2022 Institutional Investor Digital Assets Study Found That:


of all institutional investors surveyed globally invest in digital assets


of all financial advisors surveyed reported having an allocation to digital assets


of financial advisors surveyed globally have been investing in digital assets for less than 2 years

Educational Insights: Cryptocurrency and More

Many investors and advisors have started to explore how digital assets work in order to consider introducing them to their investment practice. These Fidelity resources can serve as a starting point for investment professionals looking to expand their knowledge on the subject.

Digital Assets in Practice

Fidelity presents primary and secondary research on the use of digital assets by investors, wealth management firms, and institutional investors.

Insights for Your Clients

Investor-friendly educational articles you can share with clients who are interested in making cryptocurrency part of their portfolios.

Where do you stand on digital assets?

Whether you're thinking of offering digital assets, currently experimenting and responding to client demands, or are an active participant in the broader ecosystem, Fidelity Investments has resources to help you navigate this space regardless of your current level of expertise.

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