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Fidelity's Practice Management and Consulting team can work with you to build strategies to help target, engage, and grow relationships with the right young investors.

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Are You Ready to Serve the Next Generation of Investors? We Can Help.

Gen Y and Gen Z, although still relatively young in their financial journeys, have different needs and preferences when it comes to their money and the advisors with whom they work. Establishing and keeping relationships with these young investors will require many financial advisors to flex how they engage clients.

Identify and Engage

Identify and engage the right Gen Y/Z prospects to target, focusing on lifetime value of a potential client, and become a trusted resource for important financial conversations and planning.

Adapt your product offering

Prepare to offer a perspective on how sustainable investing, digital assets, and future investment ideas and products may align to your clients' plans and goals.

Develop Profitable, Scalable Models

Develop profitable, scalable models and align pricing and operating models with young investor attitudes and expectations, helping them to meet their goals.

Stand out

Assume the role of accountability partner or behavioral coach, or build specialized expertise and focused offering for the young clients you want to serve most.

Meet the social media and tech imperative

Contemplate technology throughout the client life cycle to engage, onboard, and service young investors.

Risk of Delaying Engagement with Gen Y and Gen Z

For the average firmof assets are lost when wealth passes to the next generation.57%

Young investors are seeking financial advice today. Be the advisor they turn to.

Contact your Fidelity Representative and let us know how we can help.

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It's Time to Change Your Mind about Young Investors

  • The Why: The ways that Gen Y and Gen Z can help grow your firm
  • The Who: The insights that can make you indispensable to them
  • The How: The steps you can take to start winning their business
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