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Focused on blockchain technology, cryptocurrency investing, and the future of the modern financial system.

Institutional investors continue to express interest in digital assets.

More than 81% of institutional investors believe that digital assets have a place in their portfolio, and 57% express having an overall positive perception of digital assets1. No matter what your perspective is on digital assets, it's important to find a trusted partner to help you navigate this evolving space. Through nearly a decade of research and development, and ongoing investment in blockchain technology, Fidelity is uniquely positioned to help firms have an informed view of the overall digital assets ecosystem.

Preparing for what's next

Fidelity has an expanding portfolio of products, platforms and services.

Moving forward with confidence

Whether you are interested in learning about digital assets or are already an active participant in the broader ecosystem, Fidelity has the resources, solutions and products to help you move forward with confidence.

Potential for higher growth

Independence makes it possible to provide the emerging solutions today's investors are asking for. So no matter the business model you choose, you may see a potential for higher income and the value you can offer clients.

Resources to position your firm for the growth of digital assets.

Over the next decade, nearly $70 trillion of wealth will be transferred to younger investors who may have a higher likelihood to hold digital assets.2 For more data-driven insights, explore our resources.

The Intersection of Cryptocurrency and Wealth Management: What Advisors Need to Know Now

An e-book to help advisors establish a foundational understanding of the different ways that investors commonly gain exposure to digital assets, along with some important factors to consider in evaluating and selecting from those options.

Learn more

Bitcoin and Digital Assets: Understanding the Digital Ecosystem

As interest in this emerging asset class grows, advisors may want to learn more about what makes bitcoin and other digital assets different.

Learn more

A vision for digital assets. The experience to make it happen.

At our core, we're committed to innovation. This drive has helped us grow during changing market conditions and shifting consumer preferences. With a firm-wide focus on digital assets, we're developing a blockchain ecosystem with the goal of becoming a holistic solutions provider.


Fidelity began researching digital assets and blockchain technology.


Fidelity Charitable® began accepting bitcoin contributions from donors.


The first traditional financial services firm to onboard and custody an institutional manager's bitcoin—through Fidelity Digital AssetsSM.


Fidelity Digital AssetsSM added an asset management arm and collateral agent capabilities.

Where do you stand on digital assets?

Whether you're thinking of offering digital assets, currently experimenting and responding to client demands, or are an active participant in the broader ecosystem, Fidelity Investments has resources to help you navigate this space regardless of your current level of expertise.

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