Digital Assets Operational Readiness

For intermediaries—understanding how digital assets can fit into their business model is an important step in being able to provide holistic services to their clients.

The Evolving World of Digital Assets

Blockchain technology and digital assets are establishing a new foundational infrastructure of financial applications and market participants, opening an unprecedented opportunity for advisors to help clients make sense of, and optimally integrate, this asset type.

The evolving and flexible nature of blockchain technology extends to beyond just seeing it as an investment. Advisors need to be aware of their clients other potential use cases and how they can provide value to their clients.

Potential client use cases

Retirement Account, Gifting/Donations, Interest Yield Generating Solutions, Digital Collector & Creator

Expanded advisor roles

Tax & Financial Planning, Collectibles Management & Valuation, Estate & Legacy Planning, Philanthropic Planning

Funds on phone

Digital Assets go-to Market Planning

Regardless of how firms feel about digital assets, it is important to have a point of view on the asset type as well as be able to answer investor questions on how it may or may not fit into a financial plan.

Use our guide to develop a framework that best reflects your firm's current positioning, and help you answer important questions as you look to assess if digital assets is right for your firm and your end investors.

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Digital Assets Ecosystem

As advisors engage in financial planning or investment conversations with clients about digital assets, it is important to consider the potential custody options available to investors for digital assets that are directly owned.

Client Engagement

To provide holistic service to clients, it is important to be able understand the level of interest, knowledge and experience clients may have with digital assets. Fidelity has created a number of resources to help firms engage clients and help get them educated on key aspect of the digital asset ecosystem.

Insights for Your Clients

Investor-friendly educational articles you can share with clients who are interested in making cryptocurrency part of their portfolios.

Where do you stand on digital assets?

Whether you're thinking of offering digital assets, currently experimenting and responding to client demands, or are an active participant in the broader ecosystem, Fidelity Investments has resources to help you navigate this space regardless of your current level of expertise.

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