Advisor education: On-demand learning catalog

A diverse curriculum of virtual learning allows for self-paced development to stay ahead of a changing industry. Explore new opportunities and deepen your knowledge on topics that are most relevant to you based on your goals and vision for your practice.

Create a culture of learning

Learn more about Fidelity's offering of on-demand digital learning.

Learning is a commitment to the future that starts today

As part of Fidelity’s Wealth Advisory Institute, financial advisors can access on-demand learning designed to help wealth managers evolve to meet the changing needs of their clients and future clients.

Aligns to specific goals

Range of topics allows you to personalize your learning journey based on your individual needs.

Covers key, related topics

Focused on themes and solutions that are relevant to your shifting needs, in context of a changing industry.

Offers continuing education (CE) credit

Built-in workflow streamlines your approach to earning CE credits for accredited lessons.

Accessible through an easy-to-navigate online portal

Intuitive interface available on a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Explore our on-demand learning catalog

Our curriculum is designed to assist you in driving better outcomes for your practice—and your clients.

Transition to a fee-based model

Review the shifting wealth management landscape and steps you can take to adapt your business to meet evolving client needs.

Integrate financial planning

Learn what holistic wealth planning is and why offering these services can deepen client connectivity and help you grow your practice.

Elevating the client experience

Learn how to engage with clients and deepen loyalty by studying creative client service models from within and beyond the wealth management industry.

Activating the three pillars of growth: Sales, referrals, and COIs

Develop strategies and learn practical tips for driving growth through three powerful channels: sales, referrals, and COIs.

Evolve your investment footprint

Learn how leveraging outside investment experience and optimizing managed solutions can help you customize and manage your clients' investment portfolios.

Become a holistic wealth manager

Implementing a plan to engage with clients around their life events can help you better understand all aspects of your clients' lives, including how certain changes and wealth transfer opportunities may impact their financial future.

Digital marketing

Explore why digital marketing is essential for firms to integrate within marketing plans as they look to build an enduring brand.

Telling your story

Get to know your clients at a deeply intimate level and act on that knowledge effectively to elevate their client experience.

Driving client referrals

Understand how to drive client referrals through client events and COIs and how the changing perspectives of your clients to be viewed more broadly is a key factor in your growth.

Gaining client feedback

Explore three steps to understanding your clients: listening, measuring, and acting—so you can foster loyal client relationships.

Discover client insights

Explore Fidelity's "four Cs" approach to deepening client engagement, which helps you collect information, capture it in an accessible location, and capitalize on what you've learned, all while demonstrating compassion.

Exploring client segmentation

Discover how client segmentation can help you deliver the right level of service to the different segments to meet the needs of your clients.

Empower yourself to stand out

Contact your Fidelity representative to discuss how to incorporate your learnings into your practice.

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