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Is your business ready for the next step? Let Fidelity's Growth Hub guide you on your journey, with deep insights and how-to resources designed for growth-minded advisors.

Start your organic growth journey with our dedicated advisory tool kit 

Perhaps you're struggling with converting referrals from your Centers of Influence (COIs). Or maybe you want to segment your book of business but aren't sure where to start. No matter what obstacle stands in the way of your business's success, we've got the advisor growth strategies to help you deliver on your biggest business goals.

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Create a strategic plan today to shape the future of your business

What is the definition of organic growth? Simply put, it's growth through new assets from new or existing clients minus withdrawals, and independent of inorganic growth such as mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and market appreciation.

Why is that difference relevant? Organic growth is controlled solely by the firm and less subject to outside forces like interest rates, the political environment, etc.

We know advisors want to control their own destiny and grow. Improving the firm's marketing and business development efforts is consistently the number one strategic initiative among RIAs in our annual benchmarking study.1 But there is no single, fix-all solution to achieving growth. Creating a strategic plan will give you a clear picture of what you want your firm to look like in the next three to five years, concrete ideas on how to get there, and the talent and skills you'll need to make that vision a reality.

Regardless of where you are in your organic growth journey, our handpicked tools, guides, and insights (most of which are available to all advisors, regardless of your affiliation with Fidelity) will sharpen your approach to acquiring new business, expanding client relationships, and scaling your practice.

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Growth isn't given. It's earned. 

You work hard to grow your business. We work hard to drive your growth. Backed by the strength of Fidelity, you'll have insights, technology, and solutions to deliver more value to your clients and open new opportunities for your business. 

Need help setting growth goals?

Before you can make progress on growth, you need to articulate what you want to achieve and set goals. Explore "Creating a strategic plan to chart the course for your firm's future," a guide for creating and committing to a plan to help drive success. 

Seeking information about M&A best practices? 

As industry consolidation continues, some advisors may consider inorganic growth to help them achieve greater scale and efficiency or to compete with increasingly large competitors. Explore our M&A resources to see if M&A may be the right option for you and your firm. 

Looking to share growth ideas with
other advisors? 

FinteractSM  is a community of forward-thinking financial professionals who have a group mindset, love efficiency, and want to propel our industry forward.

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