5 steps to stand out in every environment

Since the Advice Value Stack® was introduced in 2017, it has become even clearer that, while many advisors want to be everything to everyone, it's nearly impossible to do so single-handedly (especially in the current economic environment). Post-pandemic, we are facing a volatile stock market that threatens to shake the confidence of even the most assured investors. Supply chain issues and labor shortages, along with rising interest rates, add layers of uncertainty atop a heated political and social landscape. Suffice it to say, change is constant, and growth is not a given—for your client's portfolio or for your business. And, as we saw during the pandemic, neither is loyalty to a business. So, how can you stay ahead of the curve?

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Key Insights

  • To service your clients and deliver value across all levels of the Advice Value Stack, you need to know where your strengths and interests lie.
  • Understanding the demographics and types of households that your firm currently serves can give insight into what personalized service tier each demographic may require.
  • Investors are looking for value-added services beyond investment management advice to help provide peace of mind.
  • Using outside solutions to help manage clients' investments, can free up time for advisors to be more available and helpful to their clients during moments of change.
  • Introducing access to expanded services through COIs can enhance the value that you provide to clients while allowing yourself time to deliver what makes you stand out.
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