Planning for life events

Some events in our lives can make a big impact—to our finances, health, stress levels, and overall wellness. And whether these events are planned or unexpected, a little guidance and thinking ahead can go a long way. Give clients more peace of mind with help from Fidelity's insights.

4 steps to helping clients navigate life events

Today's clients want more than investment advice: they're looking for expert, empathetic guidance across every key life moment. Based on our decades of experience helping investors make their most important decisions, we've found four basic steps advisors can use to provide the most support to their clients.

Start the conversation

Sometimes, the hardest part is getting the conversation going. As a trusted financial professional, you can broach topics clients might otherwise avoid.

Organize a plan

With the information you've gathered, use Fidelity's resources to create a clear path forward.

Lead the team

Be the captain who ensures attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals work together on your client's behalf.

Reinforce your value

Continue engaging clients with resources and materials as their needs evolve across all of life's big moments.

Financial confidence means being prepared for dreams and detours alike

Successful outcomes are about more than just reaching a certain number; they go hand-in-hand with achieving major goals and milestones. Explore some common key life events and the questions you can ask clients to help keep them on track.


When your clients' relationships change, so do their financial needs. Your guidance can be essential.

Consider asking:

  • How will you share expenses and assets?
  • Have you discussed sharing debt?
  • Whose health care plans will you use?
Making a large purchase
Making a large purchase

Clients need you to help ensure big purchases work with their other financial goals.

For example, if a client is thinking about purchasing a second home, you could ask:

  • How will you pay for taxes, maintenance, and insurance costs?
  • Do you plan to finance all or part of the purchase?
  • Have you considered the real estate market should you decide to sell later?
Education planning
Education planning

As college costs continue to rise, the peace of mind you deliver to clients on this important topic can be priceless.

If your client is sending a child to college, ask:

  • How will you pay for college expenses?
  • Have you discussed what you expect your child to contribute?
  • How much do you plan on saving?

As a trusted advisor, you can help clients close gaps, refine their plan, and approach retirement with confidence.

Questions you may want to bring up include:

  • What are your expenses?
  • How will you pay for health care?
  • Has your risk tolerance changed?
Change in health
Change in health

Changes in health can have a profound impact on your clients' financial well-being—and your guidance can help change lives for the better.

Make sure clients are thinking about the costs of potential health challenges by asking:

  • What are your health needs?
  • Do you still have health care coverage from an employer?
  • Will you have a gap to cover until you're eligible for Medicare?
Aging and caregiving
Aging and caregiving

With more clients caring for aging parents, many are struggling to balance caregiving with other important priorities. They need your help now more than ever.

If your client is caring for a loved one, ask:

  • Who will be the financial caregiver?
  • Will care responsibilities be shared with other family members?
  • Are there questions about housing to consider?

Careful planning for their loved ones' financial futures may be more complex than your clients realize. Your steady guidance can help them achieve the outcomes they envision.

Consider these questions for your conversations:

  • Is there a current will?
  • Does your family know where key documents can be found?
  • Are account beneficiaries current?

Ready to help clients navigate their most important decisions? 

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