Activating the Advice Value StackSM

As firms race to stay ahead of seismic shifts in the advice industry — rapid technology advancements, compressed fees, and increased regulation to name a few — client acquisition and retention remain a high priority for firm growth. Yet the client relationship has never been more complicated: Rising expectations, increased options, and growing interpersonal disconnection have made the advisor-client relationship a work of art. As certain financial planning capabilities become increasingly commoditized, firms are looking to add value to their service model to help clients achieve fulfillment. Delivering multiple elements of value to investors requires focus, strategies, and the deliberate commitment of resources and energy.

A Framework to Articulate Value and Organize for Success

The Advice Value StackSM articulates how investors assign value in the advice relationship.

  • Fulfillment: Working toward the achievement of life's purpose and leaving a legacy
  • Peace of Mind: Helps investors feel less anxious and more in control of their financial lives
  • Achieving Goals: Financial planning is critical to helping investors set and reach goals around retirement, college, and charitable planning
  • Managing the Money: This is the foundation of financial advice; it includes everything from asset allocation to insurance to cash flow

Growth Engines are strategies for firm leaders and advisors to activate and drive the elements of value.

  • Sustainability Quotient - characterizes your firm's ability to build and maintain a sustainable and enduring organization or practice.
  • Digital Quotient® - represents your firm's ability to optimize technology and embrace digital transformation.
  • Intelligence Quotient - reflected in your firm's ability to give clients access to the information they need to sort through the overwhelming flood of information and make more confident decisions.
  • Emotional Quotient - characterizes an advisor's ability to understand their clients' needs and priorities, and to convey that empathy and understanding, especially during the moments that matter most in clients' lives.

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