Fidelity and eMoney* Integrations

A unified platform experience

Deepen relationships and manage accounts through our closely linked platforms, fully integrated to support financial planning

Single sign-on

Move seamlessly between eMoney products and Fidelity's platform.

Streamlined client import

Select clients can be imported from Fidelity’s platform and accessed in eMoney without any manual data entry.

Account opening and maintenance

Open, fund and monitor Fidelity accounts directly from eMoney

eMoney Vault

Investors can easily access Fidelity regulatory documents, like statements and tax forms from the eMoney Vault.

Planned integrations

Links between eMoney and Fidelity’s platform that further improve moving from planning to action include:

  • Account Opening Prefill
  • Paperless Account Opening
  • Money Movement
  • Account-opening prefill
  • Account maintenance
  • Alerts
  • Paperless transfer of assets
  • eDelivery
  • Money movement
  • Account notifications
  • Householding
  • Two-factor authentification

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