Gain valuable insight

By reviewing your study results through your customized, online dashboard, you can gain insights to help you uncover strengths, compare your firm to peers, identify areas for improvement, and set future goals.

See how you compare

Participants are able to compare results to peer groups and High-Performing* Firms in the study, providing you with critical information on how your firm stacks up to the competition.

Get consultative support

Once you've completed the study, your Fidelity Relationship Manager can help you interpret results, compare them to goals and benchmarks, and help your firm meet your business objectives.

Why does benchmarking matter?

Benchmarking is a terrific way to uncover your firm's strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and set goals for moving forward. The 2017 Fidelity RIA Benchmarking Study has a focus on financial performance, in addition to standard content areas explored every year, including the following topic areas: strategy and growth, client demographics, owners and staffing, offering and pricing, financial data and client information. The study may provide you with actionable insights to help you manage and grow your business, while comparing your findings with your peers.


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