Focused on your bank and trust business

Years of rock-bottom interest rates coupled with the rising cost of compliance continue to push banks and trust companies to find new ways to streamline their operations, create efficiencies, and reduce expenses. At the same time, competition for assets is intensifying as other wealth management firms ramp up their online capabilities to meet the evolving needs of today's investors. Fidelity Institutional® has more than three decades of experience helping our bank and trust clients turn such challenges into opportunities. As an industry leader, Fidelity is committed to delivering innovative solutions and advanced technology that can help you address your unique business needs and deliver an enhanced experience for your advisors and end-clients.

What can today's trends mean for your business?

With the right resources, certain business challenges can turn into favorable opportunities.

Upgrading your technology may help you acquire new client relationships: 59% of millionaires say that if they were in the market for a financial advisor, they would be more likely to consider an advisor that uses the latest technology1

Gaining access to a robust set of products and services may help you address additional client needs: 48% of investors with an advisor say, "I would like my financial advisor to provide more comprehensive services"1

At the end of 2019, robo/digital advisors had an estimated $631B AUM, up 57% from 2018

Transform for the future

Hear from bank and trust companies to learn how they're harnessing technology and positioning their firms for the future.

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Dedicated to your needs

The Fidelity culture of service and quality includes empowering our associates, end-to-end ownership, and complete accountability — so your satisfaction is always our priority. We listen to your needs and focus on providing the best client experience possible, including the tools and resources to help your business succeed.

We aim to help you address your challenges and exceed your goals — every day. Your Fidelity Relationship Manager will work with you to define what success looks like for your firm, and then help you devise a plan to get there. We will connect you with the extensive resources that are available across the Fidelity organization, so you can leverage our subject-matter experts, technology resources, and investment products to the fullest. This includes integrated solutions for trust and non-trust accounts.

Aligned to serve your needs Disciplined approach for seamless transition The experience to understand your business For Fidelity Institutional and Fidelity Brokerage Operations in their annual StevieAmerican Business Awards3 Customer Service Department of the Year

Go further with Integrated Wealth Management

Moving from a legacy trust accounting system to a consolidated trust and brokerage platform can help our bank and trust clients achieve scalability, efficient processing, and a superior user experience. Fidelity's Integrated Wealth Management is built with advisors and end investors in mind, bringing together trust and non-trust accounts on one platform for easy viewing and analysis.

Practice management and consulting

Grounded in fact-based research and exclusive insights and tools, Fidelity's practice management approach starts with a conversation, and is designed to establish a unique plan tailored to your business objectives.

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A seamless transition

Our goal is to get you up and running quickly and efficiently while ensuring a smooth transition for both you and your clients. Our end-to-end management and operational process is composed of an experienced team that understands your business. Over the past five years, we've helped our clients establish more than 385 thousand brokerage accounts and convert more than $108 billion in assets.4

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Sales & Consulting Pre-planning Activities Deep Discovery & Workflow Detailed Plan Creation Build Train Launch Ongoing Relationship Team Our End-To-End Process
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Sales & Consulting DISCOVER DESIGN BUILD LAUNCH TRANSITION Pre-planning Activities Deep Discovery & Workflow Detailed Plan Creation Build Train &Communicate Launch Ongoing Relationship Team Our End-To-End Process

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