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Download the Wealthscape InvestorSM Mobile App

Download the Wealthscape InvestorSM Mobile App to manage your brokerage account from anywhere.

View positions and monitor your portfolio:

  • Get access virtually anytime
  • Check account balances, positions, and history
  • View market information
  • Create watch lists and price trigger alerts
  • Deposit checks

Visit the App Store® or Google PlayTM to download the app.

Log in to the Mobile App

You can log in to the Wealthscape Investor Mobile App using your Wealthscape Investor login credentials.

To Use Mobile Check Deposit, Find the Deposit Check Feature

Once logged in, locate the Deposit Check feature.

  • iPad® users: the Deposit Check feature is located in the upper-right corner.
  • iPhone® and AndroidTM users: look for More option, select Money Movement, and then Deposit Check. (Android users can find the More option by using the Android menu button.)

Review and accept the one-time user agreement the first time you use Mobile Check Deposit, and the camera on your device will be ready to begin the process.

Take a Photo of the Check

  • Take a picture of the front and back of the check.
  • The back of the check should be endorsed with "for deposit only to my NFS LLC Brokerage Account." Sign your name if the check is made out to you.
  • Verify check is uploaded and select Continue

Funding the Account

  • Enter the total dollar amount of the check.
  • Select the account that will receive your deposit.

Retirement Accounts

When depositing funds into a retirement account, you may be prompted to select from a list of retirement options.

If you have questions about which retirement option is best, contact your financial representative or broker-dealer.

Funding Multiple Accounts

The total amount of your deposit may be deposited into a single account, or split up to fund multiple accounts.

If depositing into more than one account, enter the allocation amount in each account.

  • Select the first account for funds, and enter the deposit amount, then tap Add Another Account.
  • Next, select a second account from the accounts list (repeat as needed).

Once the remaining check amount equals $0.00, tap Continue to complete and verify your deposit.

Verify Details

Deposit Submitted

Verify the details you entered before submitting your transaction. Tap the Back button to make any changes.

To complete your deposit, select Submit Deposit for processing.

You will receive a deposit ID on the confirmation screen. Deposits are generally available for withdrawal within four business days.

Transaction Status

View Transaction Status lets you check the status of your deposit. Deposits that are pending will appear in Open-Balance status. Deposits that are approved will appear in Received status.

    Download the Wealthscape InvestorSM Mobile App on the App Store® or Google PlayTM

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    Wealthscape InvestorSM Mobile App & Mobile Check Deposit Guided Tour

    This demonstration ('demo') illustrates features of the Wealthscape InvestorSM mobile app which is subject to change and available on the App Store® or Google Play™. The demo uses hypothetical information that is not current and should not be relied on for your investment decisions. Any companies, trading symbols, or mutual funds mentioned are provided for illustrative purposes and should not be used or construed as an offer to sell, a solicitation of an offer to buy, or a recommendation for any security. Actual information provided might be outdated, and should not be relied on as accurate. Screen images might differ from actual screens in the product, and not all the functions work exactly as they would in the actual product. Customer names, account numbers, and the positions held in the accounts are hypothetical and used solely for illustrative purposes.

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