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WealthscapeSM Advanced Modeling and Rebalancing Guided Tour

WealthscapeSMAdvancedModeling & RebalancingSTART TOUR >A flexible portfolio construction andmanagement solution designed to helpsupportadvisors’ unique investmentstrategies.SCALABLEStreamline workflows and limitoperational costs.COMPREHENSIVEHousehold rebalancing, tax-awarescope, and asset class modeling.DEEPLY ANCHOREDIntegrates with Wealthscape.
Wealthscape Advanced Modeling & Rebalancing

Portfolio Modeling and Rebalancing

Modeling gives advisors the flexibility to set up model portfolios to deliver investment advice efficiently. Rebalancing saves time and helps deliver scale in order entry and trading across books of business.

Assign a Model to a Household

Designate a group of related clients or accounts as a "household" — a collection of assets — to streamline their assignment to target models.

Household Rebalancing

Household rebalancing treats a group of accounts as one collection of assets and facilitates rebalancing to selected target models, allowing for comprehensive portfolio management.

Asset Class Modeling

Asset class modeling functionality allows users to build models and monitor the allocation for accounts and households based on the following security classifications: asset mix, geography, market cap, style, and sector.*

Asset Class Rebalancing

View asset class allocation details in rebalance results for portfolio allocation or asset class sleeve levels. You may modify proposed orders for investors, based on their own specific investment strategies.

View Rebalance Results

View your proposed allocation by individual securities and details of the proposed total buy and sell orders to rebalance the portfolio. From here, users can send proposed orders to the Wealthscape platform for trade execution.

Tax-aware Capabilities

Allows users to have a view into the tax situation and estimated gain and loss implications of each account or household prior to and after rebalancing. Users can choose an overriding tax lot disposal method at the time of rebalance.

Drift Reports

Utilize drift reporting at both the individual account and household levels to see whether a portfolio has drifted away from target allocations and needs to be rebalanced. Drift indicators display for both portfolio allocation and asset class sleeves.


Users are notified to take action with enhanced alerts, including drift alerts, modeling alerts, and rebalancing alerts for households as well as individual accounts.

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