Expand your business with our client service model

Uncover strategies and solutions that can help you deepen your existing client relationships—all while expanding your share of wallet.

Discover how deeper client relationships can help you build long-term value

While a robust pipeline of prospective clients can help create short-term success, building lifetime value may boil down to investing in the clients you already have. In our Expand section of the Growth Hub, we’ll introduce you to key information, research, and tools that can help you invest in creating more meaningful—and profitable—client relationships.

Streamline your client onboarding process

To develop a successful, long-term relationship with clients, it starts with making the transition to your firm as seamless as possible. Uncover the steps you can take to help optimize your new client onboarding process now.

How to become a more holistic wealth manager

Expanding your relationship with clients often requires being able to meet a range of their investment and financial needs. Indeed, more than two in five advised investors expect more services than investment management from their advisor.1 Learn how the resources below can help you meet your clients where they are through a broad, holistic offering.

Three principles of holistic wealth planning

An approach to financial planning to help advisors advance their practice.

Becoming a holistic wealth manager

Implementing a plan to engage with clients around their life events can help you better understand all aspects of their lives, including how certain changes and wealth transfer opportunities may impact their financial future.

​See our training options to learn how to become a holistic wealth manager and help clients achieve their goals beyond money management.

Broaden your investment capabilities

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to offering investment strategies to your clients. Eighty-two percent of investors with advisors are interested in personalized products and 62% are willing to pay more for customization.3 Plus, there is demand for investment products beyond mutual funds and ETFs, so offering a range of capabilities to meet client needs for personalization, tax minimization, and diversification becomes more important. Learn how you can expand your investment offering (or partner with other specialists) to become a go-to source while authentically building trust with clients.

Embracing investment evolution

Explore how product innovations and technology advances help advisors balance performance goals with personalized client preference to embrace investment evolution.

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