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Simply put, it is expensive to run your business. When you get down to brass tacks, some clients may be costing you money. Unless you find a scalable approach to providing value across your book of business, your practice will not thrive.

Adopting the right financial advisor best practices will allow you to serve clients effectively and efficiently.

In our Scale & Optimize section of the Growth Hub, you’ll learn how to focus on profitable clients, save valuable time via investment management outsourcing, and unlock even more potential growth with our advisor technologies.

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Transform your business and get paid for the value you deliver

Watch the video, "5 Steps to Stand Out in Every Environment," to learn how you can start evolving your business model to meet investors' changing needs.

Segment your clients to optimize your time

According to Fidelity research, 50% of advisors do not currently segment their book of business.1 It’s next to impossible to operate at maximum capacity if you’re treating every client the same. Understanding the current age demographic and types of households that your firm currently serves can give insight into what personalized service tier each demographic may require based on their unique complexities.

Did you know the average cost to serve each household in your book is $9,222?1

Our client segmentation strategies can help you identify the clients who bring the most value to your advisory practice, making it possible for you to optimize your time where it matters the most.

Selectively outsource what doesn't make you stand out

In a recent Fidelity study, advisors saved 10.2 hours on average per week when they outsourced the management of client portfolios.2 That’s time back in your day that can be spent on growth-related activities such as financial planning, client relationship management, and business development. Browse the resources below to see how outsourcing services such as investment management, marketing, and compliance can give you the freedom to build deeper connections with clients.

Harness the power of the platform

The rise of the platform is bringing about a transformative shift in wealth management. This change demands that we think differently about how we source, curate, and deliver value. Discover how you can evolve your business today.

Utilize technology effectively to scale your business faster

According to a recent Fidelity study, higher technology adoption translates to higher growth rates in assets under management, overall revenue, and client acquisition.3 Explore our resources below to see how you can accelerate your business growth through your tech stack.

Latest insight
Gaining traction through GrowthTech: Leveraging technology to propel your business forward

Opportunities to deliver data-driven personalization at scale, improve lead acquisition, and capture actionable insights across the entire client life cycle.

Build better portfolios with portfolio construction tools

Portfolio construction is critical to managing risk and return for investors, and it requires a dedicated amount of time and skill to do it well. By using outside solutions to help manage clients’ investments, advisors have more time to be more available and helpful to their clients during moments of change (promotions, ailing parents, stress-inducing moves, etc.). Learn more about how using models can help you provide value at scale so you can spend more time with clients.

Manage client portfolios effectively

Discover how Fidelity's powerful construction insights, tools, and solutions can help enhance your relationship with clients.

Common portfolio construction misconceptions eBook

Exploring portfolio construction myths, realities, and real-world examples.

Improve client profitability

For advisors, it can be difficult to justify servicing a segment of your book that may be unprofitable. Since 2021, overall firm expenses have increased, which in turn has impacted firms’ profitability and advisor productivity.4 There are new pricing structures for the wealth management industry that are gaining traction, moving away from an overall basis point (bps) fee based on AUM. By understanding the profitability of each client, as well as identifying inconsistencies in your pricing across clients, you can choose the right approach for each segment to help improve client profitability.

Revisiting your fee strategy

With investor expectations rapidly changing, this article discusses potential pricing models for advisors considering new fee structures.

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